Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home Theater System - Clear up that black mess behind

Times have changed drastically. TV is no longer just a standalone set in your house. Now, we have high definition LCD TVs with a strings of cables and wires for the multi channel RCA home sound system, HDMI cables for the gaming systems, assorted cables for the DVD/BluRay player, cable for the digital TV, and not to mention a mess of power cables for everything. I hate to take a peek at the back of my home theater system. It is a black mess, and the my heart cries when it's time for a cleaning.
RCA Home Theater SystemIf you are newly renovating your home, please take a serious planning for your television area. Even if you have no intention to install a home theater system, do get ready the PVC pipes strapped up in the wall or a false wall so that next time you can just hide the wire mess behind it to save on the eye sore.

If yours is already too late to change anything, what I would suggest is to get some cable straps or covers. Through these covers (which are unobtrusive and look like a pipe neatly cut in half right in the middle which you then conveniently mount on your wall), you can neatly place and arrange all your cables for almost anything and everything you have to connect to and from your LCD TV without having to place hammer away at a wall to install a PVC pipe to hide all the cables.

Yes, it will look a lot better after you have finished. Not only will you have a very neat looking RCA home theater system set up, but you will also prevent pests like ants or cockroaches treating it as a disaster shelter.

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